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recaptcha hcaptcha

The best re-Captcha alternative, h-Captcha.

You may be facing a situation where your website becomes filled with spam and bot filling contact forms on your site. To be able to solve the issue by the introduction of the CAPTCHAs system. But with different solutions out there, we’ll introduce you to what we believe to be the best re-Captcha alternative, h-Captcha. What…

wordpress comments

How to handle comments in wordPress.

One of the reasons why a lot of people use WordPress is to be social. Even businesses experience great benefits thanks to personal connections with visitors. The comment section is where a lot of these interactions take place. However, not all comments are ideal for the site nor its visitors. For instance, many site owners…

Wordpress Plugin

What is wordPress and why it matters.

When you want to build a website quickly and easily, WordPress is the platform to use. As it holds nearly 70 percent of the market share of all content management systems on the Internet, it’s the most popular by far. But, why should it matter to you? Today, I’m going to go over what you’ll…